Detailing companies in Annapolis MD

Many customers that call Deans Yacht Services  or surf the internet are looking for a list  of detailing companies in the Annapolis Maryland area.  I wanted  to list some companies that’s Deans Yacht Services comes across on a weekly basis.
Schuman’s detailing:  Bases on the Eastern Shore, Schuman offers detailing services, commercial cleaning services, shrink wrap.  Schuman’s has been around 10 plus years.
Williams Yacht Services:  based in Annapolis, Williams offers, detailing, shrink wrapping and bottom painting.
Prestige detailing:  based in Annapolis as well, this outfit offers detailing, bottom painting, shrink wrapping and mechanical services.
SN Yacht Services:  SN is based on Kent Island and offers detailing, washings, and shrink wrap.
Diversified Marine Services:  diversified offers detailing, bottom painting, mechanical services, as well as shrink wrapping. They are based on Annapolis as well.
Martel yacht services:  New  to the game, Efrain who I have known for a long time and used to work for diversified offers, detailing, bottom painting,  shrink wrap and interior cleaning.
This list is a good pulse on who offers quality yacht Services in the annapolis area.