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Resin Infused Lamination VS Traditional Lay up

Resin Infusion Explained; Definition: The use of vacuum to saturate or infuse a dry lay-up of glass fibers with resin, for improved properties. Resin infusion is a specialized advanced laminating technique that greatly improves the quality and strength of fiberglass parts versus conventional hand lay up. Applying laminate engineering and resin infusion technology simultaneously allows […]

Detailing companies in Annapolis MD

Many customers that call Deans Yacht Services  or surf the internet are looking for a list  of detailing companies in the Annapolis Maryland area.  I wanted  to list some companies that’s Deans Yacht Services comes across on a weekly basis. Schuman’s detailing:  Bases on the Eastern Shore, Schuman offers detailing services, commercial cleaning services, shrink […]

How much does it cost to Detail my boat?

At Deans Yacht Services we receive many calls from prospects simply asking how much does it cost to detail my boat? The cost can vary depending on the size, length, and style of the vessel. With that said, I can still give you an idea for researching purposes. To start with, There are two models […]