About Dean’s

Dean’s Yacht Services was established in 2006 as a family owned and run company dedicated to good customer service. Since then, the company has grown to service the entire season of boating in and around Annapolis, MD. Today, Jim Dean and his wife Lisa are at the helm of Deans Yacht Services (while raising three little boys) bringing you unparalleled customer service and commitment. Jim and Lisa, along with each and every Deans Yacht Services employee are dedicated to keeping your vessel in tip top shape all year long.

  • 94% Customer Retenation We believe in keeping our customers for life
  • Over 90% Employee Retention This guarantees that you will have knowledgeable, experienced staff on your vessel
  • Dean’s Green We only use the best and most environmentally safe products on the market today

A Company You Can Believe In Since 2006

About The Dean Family

I was born and raised in Mt. Lake, New Jersey.  It was a glacier lake that had plenty of things to do like sailing! My Grandparents owned land there, along with a beach front lot where we had our Sunfish sailboat along with Kayaks and Canoes, and anything else that would float!  We spent every summer at the lake front sailing, canoeing, fishing and whatever else possible on a glacier lake!  This is where I fell in love with the water and boating!

When I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Centenary University in 1992 I went to work in the Corporate World. My first job was Bell Atlantic Mobile. I was an inside Sales rep and boy was cellular booming at this time!  I took a lot of calls from people in the Annapolis/Baltimore region.  At this point of my life, I was looking to move so I would ask people on the phone about how they liked the Chesapeake Bay.  As you can imagine, a lot of the folks had boats, and expressed how great the boating was. SOLD!! After about two visits, I transferred with Bell Atlantic Mobile in 1993 and worked in the West Street Retail Store. After about 9 months in the retail store I transferred to outside sales covering Georgetown.  This is when the Beltway Blues started! For the next 12 or so years I spent driving around the beltway for Bell Atl. Mobile, MCI, Quest,  Microsoft, and Net App to name a few companies! What a terrible way to start the morning. Sitting on the beltway with a cold cup of coffee, a full bladder, a parking lot on the outer loop!

As for my personal life, my wife and I became pregnant in 2005. When Brady came into this world, I knew I wanted to start my own business and take the corporate handcuffs off! I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Jump into the boating industry!  As of 2016 we are in our 10th year and we are having a great time! My wife and I are blessed with 3 healthy boys, Brady and twins Christopher and Keenan, and we couldn’t ask for anything more!