Dean’s Yacht Services is hard at work building our schedule to care and maintain your boat throughout the season.  

Our services include:

VIP Packages

The VIP program is for customers that take advantage of multiple services from Dean’s.  We bundle all the services and our customer’s are guaranteed to have the best value and pricing available.

Some of the additional benefits are;

  • Simplified Billing.  You know exactly what Dean’s bills every month.
  • No spikes in your credit card or checking account.
  • You have the ability to spread out all services either 9 months or 12 months.
  • It the weather effects a service you simply “bank” it and use it when you want.  Example is if rain affects your weekly or bi-weekly wash.
  • Additional services are thrown in at no charge. (Call to discuss)
  • Dean’s is also working on a rewards card to you can take advantage of discounts at your favorite restaurant etc.  Stay tuned for further information.

Yacht Management

Dean’s has established partnerships with the best companies for whatever your needs may be.  From plumbing, gel-coat, electrical, mechanical, to rigging.  Let Jimmy Dean’s experience manage the process so you can sit back and simply know that the job will be fixed in a timely manner and on target with your budget! Dean’s customers simply know that when an issue  arises they simply can call Jimmy Dean and it will be taken care of!

Shrink Wrapping

Protect your investment over the winter from ice, snow, debris, and whatever else mother nature decides to throw our way.  You can be worry-free that when the bad weather hits, everything will be nice and dry on your decks and down below. By protecting your topside, you will have less expenses down the road.

Dean’s is the one for shrink wrapping!   We consider this a core service and make sure it’s done right!  Our crews have a tenure of 6 years minimum when it comes to shrink wrapping vessels!

Bottom Painting

Don’t simply have some company “slap,” paint on your boat.  There are many paints out there as well as many different types of running gear antifouling products.  Dean’s takes an educational/consultative approach to understanding what type of boater you are so we can make sure we are putting the right type of paint on the bottom as well as the running gear.  Remember. The right choice of paint and protectant can save on fuel costs, Trust Dean’s 10+ years of bottom painting expertise on your vessel.

Boat and Yacht Detailing

Boat detailing from Dean’s Yacht Services is quite simply a boater’s dream! We understand and know how to use many different products and techniques so we exceed expectation!  Detailing isn’t something that has a set price or a set technique. Every vessel is different, and we understand this.  Call Jimmy Dean so we may inspect your boat to ensure an accurate Estimate.  Whether it’s gelcoat, metal polishing, vinyl cleaning, isinglass treatments, interior, engine rooms, etc.   We can help!

What others say about us

Like many boat owners, my boat is my baby. As a result, I am very particular about her appearance. Dean’s Yacht Services goes out of their way to ensure that “Behling Out” is always looking good and is ship shape. Jim Dean and his team clearly take pride in a job well done.

Gregg Behling"Behling Out"

We have definitely found our detailing service and plan to use them for other services. If anyone is searching for a company to take care of your boat, this is the one! My wife and I have 20 years service with the United States Navy and do not give accolades regarding boat cleaning and maintenance without a good reason.

Trey and Bonnie Guerin"Carver 42 Mariner"

This is our first year using Dean’s Yacht Service for bi-weekly washings and seasonal waxing. We have been pleased with each service, and their flexibility to work with our time schedule. In addition, their reliability and personal attention to detail is superb. A testimony to the excellent work — seeing the reflection of the Dean’s Yacht Service van on our boat after a wax! Thanks for the great job!

Dusty & Barbara Rhoads"Moon River"

Unlike companies I’ve used in the past, Dean’s Yacht Services was very responsive and taylored their work to fit my needs. Their work is excellent and I can count on my boat looking great.

Mike Broman"Nautitime"

My wife and I are very busy, and have been looking for a professional maintenence service for ‘Blind Date’ for a few years. Jim and his team have surpassed my expectations. The boat looks great and we are enjoying the extra time at the end of the weekend.

Ted Zerafa"Blind Date"

Personal leadership and involvement get things done in exceptional ways. Jim Dean is personally focused on delivering better results and value to boaters, and it shows in the quality of work, the attitude and attention to detail of employees, and the personal connection with Jim. I signed on early, and Jim tailored the services to my needs, and my boat thanks me every day.

Marshall Mandell"Rosebud"